Master’s Degree
Program Details

Earn Your M.S. with the University of Florida’s online graduate program in Individualized Medicine.


The online Master’s Degree in Individualized Medicine is a 31-credit degree that can be completed in as little four semesters. Students have the flexibility to complete the program at their own pace while still working and have up to seven years to complete the program


Graduates will earn a Master of Science in Pharmacy with a major in Pharmaceutical Sciences and a concentration in Individualized Medicine. Your transcript will read Master of Science in Pharmacy, graduation date, major Pharmaceutical Sciences, concentration Individualized Medicine. Your diploma will read Master of Science in Pharmacy, major Pharmaceutical Sciences.


The Individualized Medicine graduate program is offered entirely online so students do not feel like they need to disrupt their professional life and prior commitments.


Tuition is $650.00 per credit hour plus fees. The master’s degree is $20,150 plus fees.

Why get a master’s degree in Individualized Medicine?

The UF College of Pharmacy has always been at the forefront of pharmacy education and prides itself on being an educational leader for new and emerging trends within healthcare practice.  One such example was the inception of the first and only online Master of Science in Medication Therapy Management (M.S.-MTM) degree in 2011.

Throughout the last 10+ years practice shifts have occurred and the focus of MTM has shifted to Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM), which includes a more whole-person approach that considers more than just the medication list. To stay relevant with these practice changes the M.S.-MTM program also shifted its curriculum and changed the concentration name to Individualized Medicine to incorporate a value-based care and outcomes approach to patient care.

During this time there has also been a general push toward incorporating a more holistic approach to pharmacotherapy that includes the use of genetic information. The current landscape shows there is a significant educational and knowledge gap in genomics and pharmacogenomics for many pharmacists and clinicians. In addition, there is a need to offer educational programs that integrates genomic principles into medication management while focusing on patient-centered individualized care.

Earning a Master’s Degree Online

As a working professional, the program provides flexibility to work within busy schedules at your own pace. Completing a master’s degree in Individualized Medicine online is a fast and convenient way to pursue your educational and career goals. At UF, each course is made up of specific topic modules, supplemented with tools such as images, animations, case studies, and step-by-step instructions for gearing up and accessing UF library materials and e-journals. Students interact with teaching assistants, course instructors, and each other, using private course email, discussion boards, and live chat sessions.

This program is designed to help healthcare professionals find new careers in:

  • Managed care
  • Ambulatory care
  • Hospitals
  • MTM vendor companies
  • Community pharmacy settings